Hardcore Fist Time Gay Sex Story Collection

At long last it’s here – my first collection of hardcore gay erotica in paperback!

I’m super excited to finally make the transition from purely digital publishing to the world of print. It’s a dream come true to have a real live paperback book available – follow the link below and head over to Amazon to check it out!

Included in this volume are ten of my most popular short hardcore first time gay sex stories:

Guys Playing Naked In The Dorm Room
Lake House Lovers
His First Threesome
Jason & Matt: Bisexual Fun
Seduced By My Straight Roommate
Three Guys Watching Porn
His Second Threesome
Going Deep Inside Todd
Frat Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
Shower With A Friend

Lake House Lovers: More Bi Curious Guys – First Time Gay Sex

Introducing the latest story in the “Bi Curious Guys – First Time Gay Sex” series, “Lake House Lovers”

In this hot tale of first time man-sex, our narrator is checking out his lifelong friend, Dylan, as he changes his clothes. Dylan catches his buddy staring at his cock, and an impromptu wrestling match turns sexual as the guys get aroused.

They start out stroking each other’s hard cocks, and that quickly turns into an “I’ll suck you if you suck me” scenario!

From the story:

Dylan stood up, unbuttoned his shorts, and let them drop to the floor to reveal his hard, throbbing cock and low hanging balls. I rose from the floor and slid my boxers off, and the two of us stood together naked, stroking each other’s boners in silence.
“Is this okay?” he eventually asked me.
“Yeah, it feels good, right?”
I looked down and watched as Dylan began rubbing my cock against his own, then wrapped his hands around both of them and stroked their combined lengths. My dick seemed to be harder than it had ever been before as I watched him stroking our cocks together. In that moment I wanted nothing more in the world than to have him in my mouth.
“You know what might be even better?” I asked him nervously.
“I’ll suck you if you’ll suck me.” I could hardly believe that those words had come out of my mouth, and I was sure that I had gone too far and ruined everything.
“Have you done that before?” he asked me.
“No way, man. I’m not gay.”
“Me neither,” Dylan said.
He thought about it for a moment, and I was blissfully aware that he never stopped stroking our cocks as he considered my offer.
“Promise you won’t tell anybody?” he asked.
“Absolutely. You promise, too?”
“Yeah. Let’s do it.”

Following their cum-swallowling mutual blowjobs, our narrator asks Dylan to “do something more”, and it isn’t long before he’s riding Dylan’s cock…

As I lubed his cock with my mouth, his finger continued to probe my asshole, sliding deeper and more easily inside me every minute. By the time I had thoroughly soaked his cock with my mouth, I felt a second finger enter my hole, and a shock of delightful pleasure surged through me.
“Does that feel good?” Dylan asked from between my legs.
“Fuck, yeah, it does.”
“You ready for a little more?”
“Yes,” I quickly answered, pushing my hips back to slide his fingers deeper inside me.
A third finger joined the first two, and my ass was now so loose and wet that he was able to easily finger-fuck me.
After a few minutes more, I felt ready to go for it.
“You ready?” Dylan asked, as if he’d read my mind.
“Turn around,” he told me. I got on my knees and hovered over his pelvis, his hard cock behind me, pressed between my ass cheeks.
Dylan reached between my legs and took hold of his slippery wet cock, then rubbed the tip against my waiting hole…

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The New Series Has Begun – Horny College Boys!

It’s time for a new series of College Bi-Curious Porn – Horny College Guys!

This time, we’ll be seeing horny young college studs and frat boys exploring their bi-curious sexual urges. In the first entry, “Frat Boys Just Wanna Have Fun”, we meet Tony and Rick.

They meet two girls at a frat party, and somehow all four of them end up in Tony’s room. The girls have accepted a challenge to let the guys watch while they get naked and have some experimental fun. The girls have just one rule – they will do anything the frat boys ask, but the guys must do the same to each other!

Amanda leaned in and whispered to Chloe. They giggled back and forth as they conspired, and Chloe announced the ground rules.
“Okay. We’ll do whatever you guys tell us to do, and there’s only one rule.”
“You’ll do anything we ask?” Rick asked.
“Yes, anything,” Chloe answered seductively.
“And the rule?” I asked.
“You two have to do the same thing to each other.”
I looked at Rick and he looked at me. We didn’t say anything for a long moment, then he shrugged his shoulders.
“I’m in if you are,” he said.
“For real?” I asked. I wasn’t sure I was up for this – as I said earlier, I’d never done anything with a guy, and had never wanted to. I wasn’t disgusted by it, or anything, it just wasn’t anything that I was into.
“Have you ever fooled around with another guy?” Amanda asked.
Almost at the same time, I answered, “No” as Rick said, “A little.”

It starts with the girls kissing, and it’s Tony’s turn to kiss Rick. It’s better than Tony had expected, and it’s not long before the frat boys are sweaty and naked, sucking and fucking as the girls look on.

Rick and I absently continued to stroke each other’s hard cocks as we watched Amanda going to town on Chloe. Chloe’s whole body writhed as Amanda worked her pussy. She ran her hands through Amanda’s long blond hair and pulled her in deeper between her thighs.
After a few minutes of amazing head, Amanda pulled away and said to us, “Your turn.”
Rick stood in front of me and put his hands on his hips, thumbs inside his waistband. He pushed his underwear down and that huge cock sprang free. It bounced up and down a few times, then finally settled, standing long and straight, right in front of my face.
I pushed his underpants the rest of the way down to his ankles, grabbed his throbbing boner at its base, and stared at it, not at all sure how to proceed. I’d had my own cock sucked dozens and dozens of times, but now that it was my turn to suck one, I had no idea how to go about it!
“Just lick it,” Rick finally said. He placed one hand over mine at the base of his shaft, the other on the top of my head, then pulled me in closer. I used my tongue to lick the whole length of if, starting at the bottom and working all the way up to the tip. When I got there, I went back and started again, licking him like a lollipop three or four times.
Rick grabbed a handful of my hair to hold my head still, then softly ran the tip of his cock against my open lips before sliding it smoothly into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the swollen head and ran my tongue along the firm edge of it.
I closed my eyes and slowly made my way towards his crotch, taking him an inch at a time until I couldn’t fit any more of his long cock down my throat. He ran his fingers through my hair as I slowly pulled my head back, licking his shaft as I went.
I sucked as much of him as I could three or four more times, then pulled away and looked first at Rick, then at the girls watching us, then back at Rick looming above me. “What should we make them do next?” I asked, motioning at the girls with my head.
“How about a sixty-nine?” he asked.

Does one of the frat boys have a hidden bi-curious agenda?

“Seduced By My Straight Roommate”: Introducing the “College Bi-Curious Porn” Series

The hottest new collection of hardcore bisexual/bi-curious erotic fiction has begun, and it’s now available at Amazon.com’s Kindle store!

My goal with this series of bi-curious erotica is to focus more on the action than on character development and all that other crap. When I read porn, I want to get off, not read about some dude’s “emotional journey”!

These will be stories of young college-age guys (and the occasional girl!) exploring their sexual opportunities, and after just enough setup to get you in the mood, the action will come hot and heavy.

The first story in the series is “Seduced By My Straight Roommate”.

Bi-sexual college freshman Josh walks into his dorm room to find his straight roommate, Seth, watching porn. Not a big deal, right? But this particular movie is hardcore guy-on-guy-on-girl bisexual porn, and Josh sits down beside Seth to see what happens next.

It doesn’t take long before Josh has his cock out, and before you can say, “But I’m straight,” Seth and Josh are naked on the bed in a steamy sixty-nine!

An excerpt from the story:

As I slowly made my way up the length of his hard dick, I pressed against his taint just as my tongue swirled around his tip. I pulled away and moved to sit beside him on the bed.
“Lay back,” I told him.
I placed a hand on his shoulder to guide him to lay down on the mattress. He got onto his back, and I nudged his ribs to get him to move closer to the edge. I laid down beside him so that my head was directly in line with his stiff glistening cock, and his with mine. I rolled onto my side, then put my hand on his hip and motioned for him to do the same.
Now that we were laying there, facing each other, I began by licking around the ridge of his mushroom-shaped head. I looked over at him and he was leaning up on his elbow, watching me play my lips and tongue along his dick.
He finally seemed to read my thoughts and began stroking my cock while I sucked just the head of his.
After he stroked my boner a few times, he asked softly, “What do I do?”
YES! It worked like a charm.
“Just do what I do,” I told him as I gently jerked him off.
He took hold of my firm dick and I licked the tip of his throbbing cock. I moved my tongue along the well defined ridge of the head, then placed the very tip between my lips and kissed it. I looked over at him – my cock was like a short billy club in his hand, and he was staring at it while slowly stroking the length of its shaft.
He shook his head a bit and said, “This is crazy, man.”
“No, this is awesome,” I replied, then swallowed the full length of him, all nine inches, until my nose was pressed hard against his pubes. He thrust his hips and moaned, “Oh fuck!” as I slowly pulled my lips back up the length to the tip.
“Just do what I do,” I repeated, and kissed the tip again.
He licked the head of my cock, just a quick dart of the tongue. I continued working on his head as he slowly became more comfortable, and soon he had my whole swollen tip in his mouth.

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The “College Bi-Curious Porn” Collection, Volume I

It’s finally here!

All six of the stories from the “College Bi-Curious” series of smokin’ hot bicurious porn is now available from the Amazon Kindle store!

This collection gathers all 6 of these cum-inducing guy-on-guy (and sometimes first time bisexual MMF guy-on-guy-on-girl) stories in one low-priced volume.

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This collection include the following stories:

“His First Threesome”
“Jason’s First Time”
“Seduced By My Straight Roommate”
“Three Guys Watching Porn”
“Playing Naked In The Dorm Room”
“His Second Threesome”