Hardcore Fist Time Gay Sex Story Collection

At long last it’s here – my first collection of hardcore gay erotica in paperback!

I’m super excited to finally make the transition from purely digital publishing to the world of print. It’s a dream come true to have a real live paperback book available – follow the link below and head over to Amazon to check it out!

Included in this volume are ten of my most popular short hardcore first time gay sex stories:

Guys Playing Naked In The Dorm Room
Lake House Lovers
His First Threesome
Jason & Matt: Bisexual Fun
Seduced By My Straight Roommate
Three Guys Watching Porn
His Second Threesome
Going Deep Inside Todd
Frat Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
Shower With A Friend

Straight Men: First Time Gay Sex – The New Series Begins!

Introducing a new series of gay hardcore erotica, featuring tales of straight men having gay sex for the first time.

In “Happy Ending Massage”, straight guy Joe plays some one-on-one hoops with his gay co-worker, Ryan. When Ryan pulls a muscle, Joe offers to give him massage, and Joe’s skillful hands begin to turn Ryan on. And seeing that reaction from Ryan as he lays on the floor below him, nearly naked, turns Joe on. Ryan takes a shot and gives Jow the blowjob of a lifetime, and that leads to some raw, hardcore gay sex as Joe fucks Ryan’s tight ass!

Here’s an excerpt from the story to get you started:

…Naked from the waist down except for a jockstrap and his short white socks, Ryan readjusted himself on the towel, spreading his legs apart and again resting his head on his arms. I’d known that he was a fit guy, but being the straight man that I am, I had never actually “checked him out” before. But with his naked, apple shaped ass staring right at me, I couldn’t help but stare at it. I felt jealous more than anything else – I try to keep in good shape, but I know that my ass didn’t look nearly as great as his! I also couldn’t help but notice the bulge of his balls on clear display right below the spot where his smooth, hairless ass cheeks met.

“What are you waiting for?” Ryan mumbled, breaking my trance-like stare. I went back to massaging his thigh, concentrating on relieving the tension, but I found my eyes wandering back to the sight of his nut bulge peeking out from between his perfect ass cleavage.

“That feels amazing,” he whispered huskily, almost in a moan. I moved my hands up from his lower thigh toward his ass, and as my fingers approached the curve where his thigh became his ass cheek, he lifted his hips and shifted his body so that my hand was cupping his left cheek. It wasn’t aggressive, and at the time it didn’t even seem suggestive, so I did what a good masseuse does and massaged his ass. I gave both cheeks a firm squeeze, and Ryan moaned and shifted around on the towel. I leaned over and began massaging his other thigh, and the muscles there weren’t nearly as tight. I moved back and forth, working his bad thigh, then his good one, going all the way up to his ass each time.

Ryan was clearly enjoying my work, and I was several minutes into this more full-on massage before I realized how sexual it was. It hit me that I was kneeling over a nearly naked man, his balls covered in thin fabric but clearly visible, rubbing his bare ass with my hands, and he was groaning and moaning with pleasure while I did it! As that recognition came to mind, I felt an unexpected rush of blood to the erection growing inside my sweat pants. I had given hundreds of massages before, many of them non-sexual, but this was the first time that I’d ever gotten aroused from what I had thought was a purely therapeutic massage.

I must have become distracted by my own boner, because Ryan turned his head toward me and asked, “Why’d you stop?” His voice was almost a purr, and the sound of it added a little more stiffness to my hard-on…

Turned on yet?

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Bi Curious Guys: First Time Gay Sex Collection I

It’s finally here – the first collection of Bi Curious Guys: First Time Gay Sex stories!

This collection gathers four amazingly hot tales of bi curious college guys experiencing gay sex for the first time. The stories included here are:

“Lake House Lovers” – Summer vacation turns to first time gay sex for a bi-curious teen and his lifelong friend! A playful wrestling match turns sexy, and soon the guys are exploring their sexuality, and each other’s bodies…

“Going Deep Inside Todd” – When he meets a gorgeous college student named Todd, the young man’s raw sexuality some latent bisexual curiosity in Joel. A night of drunken conversation leads to a proposition, and after they sober up, the guys get down and dirty for some intense first time gay sex…

“Frat Boys Just Wanna Have Fun” – Two frat boys convince a pair of hot girls to let them watch while the girls have fun with each other, but the girls want something in return – they will do anything the guys ask, but only if the guys do the same thing with each other! I starts out with a simple kiss, but soon these horny frat boys get naked and sweaty as they go “all the way” while the girls look on…

“Shower With A Friend” – Andy has always been a little conflicted about his sexuality, and his best friend Ryan has always helped him deal with those confusing feelings. One steamy summer afternoon, as Andy takes a shower at Ryan’s house, Ryan decides his buddy needs a little “sexual healing”, so he joins him in the shower! Andy and Ryan explore each other’s bodies, as well as their own sexuality, with some hot first time gay sex…

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Shower With A Friend (Bi Curious Porn – First Time Gay Sex)

InĀ  this new short story from the “First Time Gay Sex” series, sexually confused Andy has his first man-on-man sexual experience with his best friend Ryan.

It starts with Andy taking a shower following a sweaty game of hoops. Ryan surprises his buddy by joining him, and Andy is finally able to fulfil his secret long time fantasy of sucking another guy’s cock!

An excerpt from the story:

His cock was long and stiff, and it was slightly rosy from the vigorous washing I had given it. I slowly stroked the whole length of it a few times, then looked up at him. He was looking down at me and gave me a big grin, and I maintained eye contact as I guided the tip of his dick between my lips. I wrapped my mouth around the bulbous head and licked the circumference of it. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back as he moaned, “Fuck, yeah.”
For as long as I can remember, I have had a weird burning sensation to suck a cock. It was never an obsessive kind of thought, just something that I had fantasized about for ever. Now that I finally had a hard cock in my mouth, it was even better than I had ever imagined it would be.
Ryan’s cock was just a little thicker than mine and about the same length, and the thought occurred to me that this is what it must feel like for a girl when she goes down on me. I opened my mouth and put out my tongue as I slid his cock deeper into my mouth, taking about half of it before closing my lips around it. I was careful to keep my teeth out of the way, recalling every time some girl had tried to blow me and ended up gnawing on my dick, instead. I drew my head away from him, keeping my lips tight and running my tongue along his shaft, pausing when I felt the ridge around the head of his dick on my lips.
Feeling more confident, I took a deep breath through my nose and slid my lips back down the shaft, going even further this time. I continued slowly sliding my head up and down along his boner, going further and further down each time, until I finally felt his pubes on my nose and his balls on my chin. The tip of his cock pressed against the back of my throat, exactly deep enough to fill me up without making me choke.

Afterwards, the guys have a frank discussion about their sexuality, and Ryan offers to break Andy’s ass-cherry…

This time, when he pressed his fingers against my tight hole, he slid all three in and spread me wider than I had ever been before. It hurt more than a little, but not enough to make him stop. In fact, the pain just made me want more.
“Put your cock in me, Ryan.”
He was two knuckles deep when I said that, and as he pulled out he twisted his hand – intentionally or not, I don’t know – and the sensation almost made me cum right then! Instead, I let out a grunting, moaning “Oh, yes!” as his fingers left me.
From the position I was in, I couldn’t see what that he was doing, but I felt the wet tip of his cock gliding up and down my ass crack, sliding past my asshole a few times before I felt a steady pressure when his head met my loosened hole. He wiggled his cock around a little as he tried to get it in, and I involuntarily relaxed my whole body, making myself even looser.
With almost no more effort from Ryan, his cock slid past my sphincter and I felt the head of it fill up my asshole. He continued pressing forward, and with one more thrust he was deep inside me. I felt a rush of pleasure more intense than anything I had ever felt before.
“Are you okay?” he asked as he slowly eased off.
“Fuck me, Ryan. Fuck my ass,” I said breathlessly…

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Jason’s First Time – Bisexual MMF Porn!

It’s the newest story in the “College Bi-Curious Encounters” series – “Jason & Matt: Bisexual Fun”!

Jason and his girlfriend, Carissa, have just finished some hot three-way action with Carissa’s childhood ex and longtime fuck-buddy, Matt. The three of them collapse into the bed and light a doobie as she leaves to take a shower.

Bisexual Matt starts talking about his past with Carissa and his transition to fucking guys, and this unexpectedly turns Jason on!

An excerpt from the story:

“I fucking love a good blow! Especially from Carissa – she gives the best head I’ve ever had!”
“She ought to – she learned from the best.”
You taught Carissa to suck cock?” I ask, impressed and shocked at the same time.
“Ugh, she was terrible at it when we were dating. We were just kids, but still – she was so bad at it I eventually stopped letting her do it. When I started having sex with guys, the thing that got me hooked was how amazing the head was! I don’t think I’ve ever been with a guy who wasn’t an amazing cocksucker.”
As he talks, I can feel my cock getting hard again, and not just a little. All this talk of great head is turning me on more than I’d like, and he’s bound to notice that I have a boner. Maybe if I stop talking it’ll go away…
“So, Jason – a blowjob and some anal wouldn’t be ‘sex’ to you?” Matt asks me.
He’s just making it worse! Now my dick is nearly fully hard, that kind of hard where if I don’t touch it I’ll go crazy.
“I don’t know,” I answer, hoping he’ll change the subject so that my boner will go away.
We sit quietly for a few seconds, but it feels like forever as my dick just sits there in my lap, practically begging me to touch it.
Matt makes a slight groaning noise as he stretches besides me, flexing his arms and legs and arching his back. He crosses his feet at the ankles, takes hold of his cock, and starts absently stroking it.

Soon he’s got Matt’s hard boner in his hand, then Matt’s tongue up his ass, and then his cock. And when Carissa returns from the shower, she joins the boys for some hot first time bisexual MMF action!

The sensation of his cock filling my ass sends a wave of satisfying warmth through my whole body. My toes are curled and my hands are clenched into fists.
He has my calves in his hands and he’s fucking the hell out of me, slowly using more and more of his long cock to go deeper and deeper. It still hurts, but it feels so good I don’t give a damn.
I open my eyes. I didn’t even realize they’d been closed. Carissa is standing in the doorway, watching. She has a towel wrapped around her hair, but otherwise she’s naked. Her skin is flushed from being freshly showered and toweled. The little bit of hair that hovers above her pussy is glistening.
“Come sit on my face, baby,” I grunt at her.
She smells like shampoo and her pussy tastes like heaven as she grinds it into my face. She has my cock in her mouth, even though I’m only half erect, but it only takes a minute of being fucked in the ass while I 69 my girlfriend to make me rock hard again…
Carissa sucks my cock, better and deeper than she ever has, while Matt fucks me so hard I feel like I might split in half.
My cock is in her throat when Matt pulls his dick out of me. He nudges Carissa’s head away from my cock and showers me with hot cum. He holds his dick like a hose and sprays my chest and ribs and belly and crotch with cum. Carissa is still sitting on my face and I can’t see anything – I just feel shot after shot of hot wetness hitting my body.

This is probably the hottest story in the series yet, so get it right now!