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The “College Bi-Curious Guys” Series

  • His First Threesome

    His First Threesome

    Bi-sexual Justin decides to help his straight friend Michael score with Justin’s hot friend, Christine. The three of them are in a bar, reviewing their sexual conquests, when Justin realizes that the seemingly-straight Michael just might  be a little bit curious. An excerpt She knew that I had the hots for Michael, and the he…

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  • Three Guys Watching Porn

    Three Guys Watching Porn

    It starts out as a weekend video game marathon, but when one of the guys shows up with porn, things take a turn for the sexual! Our hero is a freshmen straight from the sticks, and his first encounter with sexually liberated young men arouses his own bi-curious feelings. Here’s an excerpt: Scott was in…

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  • Guys Playing Naked In The Dorm Room

    Guys Playing Naked In The Dorm Room

    In this story from the “College Bi-Curious Porn” series, Chris’s gay roommate, Evan, has a massive crush on him, but Chris is straight and not interested. But a night of drinking leads to a kiss, followed by a confession from straight-boy Chris that maybe he is just a little bit curious. Turns out he trusts…

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  • Jason & Matt: Bisexual Fun

    Jason & Matt: Bisexual Fun

    Jason and his girlfriend, Carissa, have just finished some hot three-way action with Carissa’s childhood ex and longtime fuck-buddy, Matt. The three of them collapse into the bed and light a doobie as she leaves to take a shower. Bisexual Matt starts talking to Jason about his past “friends with benefits” romps with Carissa and…

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  • His Second Threesome

    His Second Threesome

    In this latest story in the “College Bi-Curious Porn” series, we meet up again with Justin and Michael from “His First Threesome”. This time around, bi-curious Michael has a new girlfriend, and the two of them are eager to engage in a bi threesome with Justin! The girlfriend likes to watch, and she gets an…

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  • The “College Bi-Curious Porn” Collection

    The “College Bi-Curious Porn” Collection

    This is a collection of 6 hot stories from erotic fiction author Drew Shadrot’s previously-published “College Bi-Curious Guys” series, gathered together for the first time in one volume! Featuring these steamy stories of first time bi-curious college men: Available NOW!

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  • Seduced By My Straight Roommate

    Seduced By My Straight Roommate

    Bi-sexual college freshman Josh walks into his dorm room to find his straight roommate, Seth, watching porn. Not a big deal, right? But this particular movie is hardcore guy-on-guy-on-girl bisexual porn, and Josh sits down beside Seth to see what happens next. It doesn’t take long before Josh has his cock out, and before you…

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