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Guys Playing Naked

In The Dorm Room

In this story from the “College Bi-Curious Porn” series, Chris’s gay roommate, Evan, has a massive crush on him, but Chris is straight and not interested. But a night of drinking leads to a kiss, followed by a confession from straight-boy Chris that maybe he is just a little bit curious. Turns out he trusts Evan enough for some guy-on-guy experimentation, and some hot suck and fuck action ensues!

An excerpt from the story

We were both getting tipsy, and things were going into an area that I didn’t really want to visit. But there we were. I took a long drink from my mug and made up my mind.

“No, Evan, you’re definitely not gross. You’re actually just the opposite.”

I looked him right in the eye and put my hand on his knee.

“I guess… if you wanted to try some stuff… I wouldn’t say ‘No’.”

I lightly squeezed his knee, and a big grin took over his whole face.

“What kind of ‘stuff’ did you have in mind?” he asked.

I finished off my drink and said, “Let’s find out,” and slid my hand up his thigh and onto his crotch.

The outline of his hard cock was visible through his jeans where it laid against his leg, and I ran my fingers over it.

“Holy shit,” he said. “Is this really gonna happen?”

I told him to shut up and leaned in to kiss him.

Soon the boys are naked and Chris is about to have his virgin boy-pussy penetrated by Evan’s eager boner.

I could only moan my acceptance as his index finger joined his middle finger inside my asshole. He stopped sucking my cock and lifted my legs higher to get better access to my hole. He slid his two fingers in and out of me, twisting them as they penetrated me, and I found myself pressing my ass against his knuckles to take them in as deep as I could while I slowly jerked myself off.

“Do you wanna fuck me, Evan?”

“Yeah, I do,” was all he said, and almost immediately he was standing up.

I put my feet against his shoulders and he held the base of his cock in one hand and used the other to apply a generous coat of saliva to his shaft. Once his cock was thoroughly lubed, he took it by the head and prepared to enter me. He rubbed the tip of his swollen dick against my wet rectum and pressed against it. It just slid off at first, but soon he was able to use his fingers to get past the tight seal and gently shove the tip of his cock inside me. When the entire bulbous head first cleared the stiff ring of my asshole, I bucked my hips and almost kicked him over! He grabbed hold of my thighs to steady himself, which just pushed his cock even deeper up my ass. I let out a screaming groan and he froze in place.

“Oh, shit! Did I hurt you?”

There was genuine fear in his voice.

“Don’t stop,” I breathed, then pushed my hips towards him. “Fuck me, Evan.”

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