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“The Switch Hitting Straight Jock”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Cole cried out, his grip on my head tightening. “I’m gonna bust!”
With a loud moan, Cole came in my mouth, filling my cheeks with shooting hot spurts of jizz. I eagerly swallowed as much as I could, feeling a sense of satisfaction at pleasing him, but there was just too much for me to keep up with. He seemed to sense as much and pulled out to spray the rest of his load on my face. The sensation of his warm cum on my skin, combined with the taste of him lingering on my tongue, was too much for me, and I felt a burst of wet heat as I exploded inside my underpants…

Now Available in Paperback!

The “Straight Guys: First Time Gay Sex” Collection, for the first time in paperback

For those who prefer a real life reading experience, you can now enjoy 9 sizzling hot stories of hot young guys experiencing gay sex for the first time.
These stories include a married man’s eager MMF experimentation with his wife ‘s gay BFF, a straight college jock going for it with his crush, a naïve straight guy who accidentally flirts with a gay dude at a party, and so much more…

Best Selling First Time Gay Sex Stories

Morning Wood

In “Morning Wood“, two college guys – one straight, the other gay – have been paired up as hotel room mates during an out of town trip. The straight guy awakes one morning to find his new gay friend in bed with him, sucking his early morning wood! The blowjob is so great that the… Read M…

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My Roommate’s Friend

 Tyler is a straight college guy with a secret attraction to his college roommate’s gay friend, Ethan. Tyler discovers his first time gay sex with Ethan’s guidance, and when Jared interrupts them, he decides to join the fun!  The three college guys take things to the next level and end up …

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Shower With A Friend

Sexually confused Andy has his first man-on-man sexual experience with his best friend Ryan. It starts with Andy taking a shower after a sweaty game of hoops. Ryan surprises his buddy by joining him, and Andy is finally able to fulfill a secret, long-time fantasy of sucking another guy’s cock! An ex…

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Just released! Get a FREE copy of “Going Deep Inside Connor,” a follow-up to the bestselling story “Going Deep Inside Todd”

It’s been a few weeks since Connor fucked his new buddy Todd’s ass, and now Connor is feeling a bit confused about his sexuality; Is he gay? Is he bi? Was it just an experiment?

But when a chance meeting with Todd occurs, Connor gets to explore the other side of the experience by getting his virgin asshole eaten out and then pounded by Todd’s expert cock…

Amazon Reviews

“Drew Shadrot is one of my favorite writers as he writes what he knows. His stories deal with gay and bi sexual males exploring themselves and each other and the author comes away feeling aroused and breathless.”

Terrance R

“That was the hottest book I ever read omg it’s all so sexy I could not stop read n it I read it all from start to finish”

James P

“I have read two previous books by this author and I have yet to be disappointed. An introduction to sex between men by two college roommates. Always a winner.”


“Reading this brought back so many memories when I had a straight roommate. Excellent reading. I highly recommend this book.”

James B

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