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Jason & Matt:

Bisexual Fun

Jason and his girlfriend, Carissa, have just finished some hot three-way action with Carissa’s childhood ex and longtime fuck-buddy, Matt. The three of them collapse into the bed and light a doobie as she leaves to take a shower. Bisexual Matt starts talking to Jason about his past “friends with benefits” romps with Carissa and his subsequent transition to exclusively fucking guys, and this unexpectedly turns Jason on!

An excerpt from the story:

“I fucking love a good blow! Especially from Carissa – she gives the best head I’ve ever had!”

“She ought to – she learned from the best.”

“You taught Carissa to suck cock?” I ask, impressed and shocked at the same time.

“Ugh, she was terrible at it when we were dating. We were just kids, but still – she was so bad at it I eventually stopped letting her do it. When I started having sex with guys, the thing that got me hooked was how amazing the head was! I don’t think I’ve ever been with a guy who wasn’t an amazing cocksucker.”

As he talks, I can feel my cock getting hard again, and not just a little. All this talk of great head is turning me on more than I’d like, and he’s bound to notice that I have a boner. Maybe if I stop talking it’ll go away…

“So, Jason – a blowjob and some anal wouldn’t be ‘sex’ to you?” Matt asks me.

He’s just making it worse! Now my dick is nearly fully hard, that kind of hard where if I don’t touch it I’ll go crazy.

“I don’t know,” I answer, hoping he’ll change the subject so that my boner will go away.

We sit quietly for a few seconds, but it feels like forever as my dick just sits there in my lap, practically begging me to touch it.

Matt makes a slight groaning noise as he stretches besides me, flexing his arms and legs and arching his back. He crosses his feet at the ankles, takes hold of his cock, and starts absently stroking it.

The outline of his hard cock was visible through his jeans where it laid against his leg, and I ran my fingers over it.

“Holy shit,” he said. “Is this really gonna happen?”

I told him to shut up and leaned in to kiss him.

Soon he’s got Matt’s hard boner in his hand, then Matt’s tongue up his ass, and then his cock. And when Carissa returns from the shower, she joins the boys for some hot first time bisexual MMF action!

The sensation of his cock filling my ass sends a wave of satisfying warmth through my whole body. My toes are curled and my hands are clenched into fists.

He has my calves in his hands and he’s fucking the hell out of me, slowly using more and more of his long cock to go deeper and deeper. It still hurts, but it feels so good I don’t give a damn.

I open my eyes. I didn’t even realize they’d been closed. Carissa is standing in the doorway, watching. She has a towel wrapped around her hair, but otherwise she’s naked. Her skin is flushed from being freshly showered and toweled. The little bit of hair that hovers above her pussy is glistening.

“Come sit on my face, baby,” I grunt at her.

She smells like shampoo and her pussy tastes like heaven as she grinds it into my face. She has my cock in her mouth, even though I’m only half erect, but it only takes a minute of being fucked in the ass while I 69 my girlfriend to make me rock hard again…

Carissa sucks my cock, better and deeper than she ever has, while Matt fucks me so hard I feel like I might split in half.

My cock is in her throat when Matt pulls his dick out of me. He nudges Carissa’s head away from my cock and showers me with hot cum. He holds his dick like a hose and sprays my chest and ribs and belly and crotch with cum. Carissa is still sitting on my face and I can’t see anything – I just feel shot after shot of hot wetness hitting my body.

He’s finished painting me with jiz and now he’s sucking my cock again…

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